How Much Do Pawn Shops Buy Airpods Pro For?

Similarly, How much can u sell AirPods Pro for?

For flawless AirPods—those without dents or cracks—they will pay you roughly $36. You’ll get roughly $9 if they have cracks but are still functional. They will pay you $4.50 if it is cracked and won’t turn on. One of the most well-liked internet marketplaces for old electronics is eBay.

Also, it is asked, Can you sell used AirPods pro?

Apple won’t pay you money for your old AirPods, but you can sell them independently for more money after removing them from your account and cleaning them for roughly $50 at a few places. You must join Facebook Marketplace, eBay, or LetGo if you wish to sell your AirPods for more than $50.

Secondly, How much do AirPods usually sell for?

The cost of AirPods In the US, £159 in the UK, and $249 in Australia, AirPods are available for purchase. You shouldn’t thus pay any more.

Also, Can you sell back AirPods?

We’ve got good news: no matter when you sell your old AirPods, Back Market will always give you the greatest BuyBack price. This is so that our pricing is determined by the state of your wireless earbuds rather than demand from customers!

People also ask, How do you trade in Airpod pros?

Any kind of AirPod cannot be exchanged for a different pair. There is no mechanism to trade them in, but you may sell them to a third party. Simply said, Apple doesn’t do that.

Related Questions and Answers

How much are used AirPods worth?

There are several prices at which you may sell your AirPods. You won’t be able to acquire the same pricing as an AirPods 2 costs around $150. You may earn roughly $100 for your AirPods if they are in excellent shape and have no visible blemishes. You may receive $50 for them if they are tagged but still function properly.

Can you trade in AirPods for money?

Upgrade to AirPods (3rd generation). Get up to a $40 Best Buy Gift Card when you trade in your qualifying AirPods, which may be used on AirPods (3rd gen).

Which is best AirPods or AirPods Pro?

Active noise cancellation, which is still only available in the more expensive model, is the key distinction between the AirPods 3 and the AirPods Pro. But when compared to Apple’s long-stemmed second-generation AirPods, the new AirPods still provide noticeably superior audio with enhanced bass.

How much should I sell unopened AirPods for?

You may receive $37 for a pair of AirPods with a wired case and $42 for a pair with a wireless one if they are in pristine shape. BuyBackElectronics will pay you $50 for a pair of AirPods with a wired case and $60 for a wireless one if you have a sealed package of them for some reason.

Does Apple take old AirPods?

Apple Recycle. You may exchange any equipment, in any condition, for credit or free recycling.

Can I make my AirPods louder?

How to use Siri to change the volume on your Apple AirPods. Hey Siri, crank up the volume is a command you may issue to Siri if it is activated on your smartphone.

Is it OK to buy used AirPods?

Having said that, I believe purchasing reconditioned AirPods might be beneficial, even if I had to do a little more cleaning. Although it may seem horrible to think that they have been in someone else’s ears, once you have the earbuds in your hands, you will be able to verify that there is nothing to be concerned about.

Can you sell AirPods without case?

No issue! Even if you misplaced the charging case or one or both of your AirPods, you may still sell them. When selling your AirPods, SmartphonesPLUS gives you the choice of include all goods or not. Simply choose whether or not the whole set (AirPods and wireless charging case) is included.

Is Apple trade-in fair?

Apple Returns Apple pays money for your old items in the form of an Apple gift card and offers reasonable rates, which are sometimes far higher than those of other trade-in sites, as can be seen in the price comparison lists below.

Can you trade-in AirPods at T Mobile?

Additionally, every single person — on ANY postpaid consumer plan — is eligible to get 50% off the new iPhone 13 Pro with an acceptable trade-in and 50% off AirPods (2nd generation). That’s just the start. For EVERYONE, T-Mobile provides best-in-snow deals.

Does ecoATM give cash instantly?

Visit your neighborhood ecoATM kiosk with your used phone and a legal state ID. Place your phone in the kiosk, and we’ll assess it immediately. We’ll inspect your phone and provide a cash offer instantly based on its model, condition, and market worth. We’ll pay you cash right now if you agree to sell!

Does ecoATM pay good?

But is ecoATM truly the greatest choice for selling your old technology? In general, the answer to such question is emphatically “no.” The rewards aren’t tremendous, or even decent, as we’ll see, and there has been some controversy around them.

What happens if you sell a stolen phone to ecoATM?

Any request from law enforcement for ecoATM to look into and/or return suspected stolen gadgets that may have been gathered by the kiosk would be acted with promptly and carefully. Any reported stolen items will be delivered without the need for a subpoena or search warrant and without charging the victim.

Is AirPod pro waterproof?

None of the AirPods models, including the regular AirPods, AirPods Pro, and AirPods Max, are waterproof. Additionally not watertight are charging cases and smart cases.

Does AirPods Pro noise Cancel?

Active Noise Cancellation, Transparency mode, and Off are the three noise-cancelling settings available on AirPods Pro and AirPods Max. Depending on how much of your environment you wish to hear, you may switch between them.

How long do AirPods pros last?

4.5 hours

How many years do AirPods last?

around two years

Can AirPods Pro battery be replaced?

Repairing an out-of-warranty battery is still less expensive than purchasing a new set of AirPods Pro. Without AppleCare+ for Headphones and after the first year of warranty expiration, replacing the battery in each pair of AirPods Pro will cost $49, and replacing the battery in the charging case will cost an additional $49.

Does Apple still give free AirPods to students 2021?

No cost headphones When they purchased a qualifying device in 2021, Apple offered complimentary AirPods to college students. Normally, these well-liked earphones cost $159, or $199 when purchased with a wireless charging case. Customers may also pay an additional $90 to upgrade from AirPods to AirPods Pro with Apple.

Can you get AirPods Pro in black?

The all-black AirPods Pro are available from ColorWare for $389, which is much more expensive than the $249 that Apple charges; in addition, buying the charging case in all-black will cost you an additional $40.

How do I sell my AirPods?

Sell them on your own. On websites like eBay, Craigslist, or Facebook Marketplace, you may sell your AirPods. The most of the time, when there are several AirPods on them, all you can see is how much people are asking for rather than how much they are receiving.


The “how much do pawn shops buy airpods for” is a question that many people have been asking. The answer to this question can vary depending on the type of shop you go to, but generally speaking, it will be somewhere between $700 and $800.

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